There’s more than one way to be beautiful, and I see each of my patients as a unique individual, with needs and desires that are theirs alone — and results that are true to their lives.
— Dr. Jennifer Keagle

Dr. Keagle's extensive training goes beyond plastic surgery.

During her years of training, she discovered that many surgeons do not have a diverse opinion of beauty outside what we find in magazine ads, which are always digitally nipped and tucked. She realized that these unrealistic expectations amounted to missed opportunities for many patients.

To customize your surgical plan, she talks with you to understand your body image and uncover what looks natural and beautiful to you. Her training gives her deep insight in to what is possible with your face, your body, and how best to enhance or restore what you already have.

Dr. Keagle's philosophy also extends to using your own body to improve and augment your appearance, which is why she is a proponent of using autologous material such as your own fat and bone.

She finds this practice increases the longevity of your results, reduces the need for regular repeat visits, and minimizes the chance of infection, for a more satisfying and successful overall experience.



Fat Injection