Skin Care

Medical Aesthetics + Skin Care Professionals

For a relaxing experience guided by our holistic, lifestyle-oriented approach to skin care, you can expect the perfect complement to Dr. Keagle’s warm, friendly manner with treatments that span both medical and luxury spa services.

Our aestheticians use all-natural, hand-mixed tonics, essential oils, and masks custom-tailored to give your skin exactly what it needs — with the extensive knowledge and advanced treatments to solve your most stubborn skin concerns.

From facials and deep pore cleansing, to acne and wrinkle treatments, and rejuvenating peels for face and body, we’ll help you develop a regular skin treatment plan or make the most of your post-surgical recovery.

And of course, our skilled aestheticians will carefully evaluate your skin’s unique needs before recommending a personalized treatment regimen.

Select your service below.

Customized Facial

We begin by evaluating your skin’s needs and analyzing the underlying causes of your skin issues to design a facial customized for you. Whether it’s acne, discoloration or fine lines, we will help you to get the root of the problem and develop a regimen that really works. 

We can also follow up with a soothing mask — it’s simply the best — and highly recommended for clients who have never had any facial treatments!

60 minutes, $95 + additional charge for peels or mask

Add a 30-minute Chemical Peel to your Customized Facial:

Glycolic Acid Peel, $100

TCA Peel, $145

PCA Peel, $95 - $129

4% PCA Pure Peel, $250

Deep Pore / Acne Treatment

Well suited for those prone to acne or excessive oil production, our PCA Detox Gel treatment deep cleanses the pores to leave your skin refreshed and glowing. Before your Acne Treatment, we will carefully analyze your skin to identify the underlying causes of your acne and recommend a series of 6-8 treatments, along with regular aftercare and follow up.

75 minutes, $120

Brightening Peel

A multi-faceted treatment for all skin types, our gentle 6% TCA solution will promote an even skin tone while brightening your skin and improving surface texture, leaving your skin well-hydrated with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..

30 minutes, $80  |  90 minutes with Customized Facial, $135

Rejuvenating Peel (4% Pure Retinol)

Using the power of increased skin cell turnover, this medical-grade 4% pure Retinol peel brings healthier skin cells to the surface. The Rejuvenating Peel also smooths, brightens and evens out your skin tone, while reducing fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration due to aging, melasma or acne. It’s also safe and effective for all conditions and skin types, including Latino and African American skin.

60 minutes, $200

The Perfect Derma Peel

Our strongest medical-grade peel is both safe and highly effective for all skin types. Ideal for acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damage and age spots, it exfoliates the top dead layers of skin to reveal healthy, new skin cells and improve your skin’s overall texture and tone, while reducing pore size and softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Psst… Be sure to give your skin a week to complete the peeling process, so don’t plan any big meetings, first dates or tropical vacations!

Only takes 30 minutes, but plan on 7 days downtime.

Perfect Derma Peel, $250  |  $300 with precision additives

Cost includes take-home care kit

Smoothing Body Peel

To promote even skin tone and clear complexion on arms, legs, back, chest and hands, the Smoothing Body Peel softens skin with nourishing hydration and improves texture by exfoliating and brightening.

30-45 min (depending on area), $70 - $110